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Vegan, Organic, All-Natural, Gluten-, Gelatin- and Lactose-Free and No Artificial Dyes.

Our delicious gummies are meticulously refined & formulated with the highest-quality, CO2-extracted hemp to ensure your body receives all of the beneficial amino acids, terpenes & cannabinoids.

50mg per gummy, 30 gummies per jar 

🙂 30-Day Happiness Guarantee 


How to Use:

Each gummy is pre-dosed with 10, 25, 50mg. If you’re new, we always recommend starting with the lowest mg pouch or trying our variety pack.

Next, find a routine that works for you! Our gummies were meant to be taken daily so choose morning or evening & enjoy. Keep in mind, everyone’s physiology is different so there’s no “right” dose. To increase the strength, simply take another gummy.

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Verified Reviews

1500mg CBD Gummies

You'll feel the difference

December 4, 2020

I have had anxiety my whole life and generally operate on a high level of tension on a daily basis. After I eat one of these gummies I can feel a real noticable difference in my physical and mental state. My muscles, especially in my core are relaxed and no longer clenched and I can breathe deeper. I can also more calmly think through the challenges that come up and I have more patience with my toddler. I love that these are vegan too since I’m vegetarian and I don’t eat gelatin. And I far prefer the gummy to a tincture. I feel like it’s my treat, and it really is! I am so glad I found these gummies!


The Best Way to Naturally Control Your Body

September 24, 2020

Since I was young, I have been medicated with many anxiety medications and have been told that I am naturally “High-strung”. However, last year I forced myself to re-examine how long I have been taking these drugs and how they have affected my body. I wanted to find a more natural way to help control my anxiety and not worry every day about what I am putting into my body. These gummies have literally changed my life. I have gone off of all medications and take them to stay “even keeled” throughout the day and at night before bed if I am having a tough time falling asleep. They taste great and are not like any other CBD product I have ever had. Most CBD products taste awful and have a lingering/off putting after-taste. These taste like a fun treat and I share them with people to try very often. Needless to say they end up purchasing them as well. I can tell when I do not take them because of the building anxiety that lingers, but luckily I take them with me everywhere so I can take one at any time! I can rest easy every day now knowing that I am not taking many possibly harmful medications. I would and do recommend them to every single person that I know! Worth the investment.


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